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Loaded Pocket Envelope

This is a great way to use up your 12" x 12" paper!

They are big enough to hold a number of items. They also make great gifts.

I put a notepad, pen, stamp set, candy and twine in mine.


1. Start with a 12 x 12" piece of Designer Paper.

2. Score at 3-1/4" on 1 side, turn paper and score at 3-1/4" on the opposite side.

3. Score along the bottom at 3-3/4".

4. Fold sides inward, then fold on the bottom score line, and flip it up.

5. Fold top flaps back on both sides, so that it looks like a shirt collar.

6. Open Folder back up, and apply Tear-n-tape along one side of paper, then on the other, so it folds together, and secures closed. Apply Tear-n-Tape along both sides of pocket that flips up, and secure closed. (Don't glue it tightly, because you want your pocket to expand a little bit.)

Decorate as desired.

Here is another example for you:

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