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Loaded Envelope


1. Start with a 12 x 12" piece of Designer Paper.

2. Score at 3-1/4" on 1 side, turn paper and score at 3-1/4" on the opposite side.

3. Score along the bottom at 3-3/4".

4. Fold sides inward, then fold on the bottom score line, and flip it up.

5. Fold top flaps back on both sides, so that it looks like a shirt collar.

6. Open Folder back up, and apply Tear-n-tape along one side of paper , then on the other, so it folds together, and secures closed. Apply Tear-n-Tape along both sides of pocket that flips up, and secure closed.

Decorate as desired.

Fill with goodies of your choice.

Great for gifts, and to use up your stash of Designer paper!

I hope you enjoy making these.

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